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FREE Community Fitness Assessment created to help you keep track of your fitness progress, raise your game and reach your fitness goals!

Guided by professional coaches, test your fitness through 9 exercise modalities which are based on international guidelines and standards:

• Flexibility (sit & reach) – Measures the flexibility of lower back and hamstring muscles
• Agility (t-test) – tests the ability to move in all directions as quickly as possible.
• Power (standing vertical jump) – measures muscular strength and power of the lower body.
• Speed (20-metre sprint) – determines your ability to accelerate in a short run.
• Aerobic capacity (cooper 2.4km run) – ability to run continuously for extended periods.
• Strength (grip strength) – measures the maximum isometric strength of the hand and forearm muscles.
• Endurance (2-minute push-ups, 2-minute sit-ups, 2-minute air squats) – ability to exert a submaximal force repeatedly over time till fatigue.
• Anaerobic capacity (12 x 22.5 metre shuttle) - measures the maximal work performed during maximum-intensity short-term physical effort.
• Balance (stork balance) - tests your ability to balance for as long as possible.

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